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Astrology | Vastu | Numerology | Yoga | Healing
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Astronomical Clock


Best Astrology service in India by

Dr. Shivsharan Manshetti

Fees: Rs.11,000/-

(Per Chart / Kundali)


Vaastu Consultation

Best VaastuShastra service in India by 

Dr. Shivsharan Manshetti

Complete Vaastu Analysis

Vaastu Balancing as per Kundali

Vaastu for Health 

Vaastu for Wealth 

Vaastu for Relationships 

Fees: Rs.21,000/-

(Residential  Vaastu up to 1000 Sq/Ft)

Fees: Rs.51,000/-

(Industrial Vaastu up to 5000 Sq./Ft)

Dr.Shivsharan Manshetti

Namaskar! I am Dr. Shivsharan Manshetti, working in Alternative Therapy and Occult Science with 7+ Years of experience and 1100+ satisfied clients.

Because of my spiritual roots & the calling of my soul I was inclined
towards Occultism and Alternative Therapy at a very early age. After spiritual realization and some mystical experiences, at the age of 24 years, I totally took to Occult Science and Alternative Therapy as a profession and a service. My thirst & passion for this subject is still rock standing as it was in my beginning days and is only increasing since then.

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